Minutes 4 5 18 04-10-2018


Fair Haven Management Meeting

295 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT 06513

April 5, 2018

Call to order: 6pm

Present: Residents, New Haven Independent Reporter, Steve Han documentary maker, Vertical Church Rep, New Haven Farms rep, Lulac Headstart, affordable housing developer, people against police brutality

Present City, State, and Federal Officials: Alder Reveiz, Alder Greenberg, Johnathan Rivera, Hispanic Fire fighter association, Alder Crespo and Alder Santiago

Welcome and Introductions

Review/Approval of Meeting Minutes

Police Report – Lt. David Zannelli

Good news for the quarter: zero nonfatal shootings compared to the 4 of last year

Currently experiencing vacant house burglary. The thieves are stealing copper from these houses

Lost one of the officers that was working midnights

Staffing has continued to diminish due to retirements and transfers

Getting a tenant list and will work on doing some outreach with the interns to see if the owners will buy lights for their vacant properties

Looking to get extra duty officers from 12-4am at Scores on 133 Hamilton

Grand and Lloyd has had a few after hours loitering problems. They will be working on this buy reducing the bus stop

Passed around anonymous tip cards. For anyone to use at any time if you aren’t comfortable making an in person

IA complaints have been way down. They body cameras have been a help with that

Community walk scheduled for 4/6/18 at 3:30pm starting at the substation. Daniel Hunt will be assistant in the outreach to the community. All are welcome. Proactive policing

Handed out doorhangers to work on theft prevention through community awareness

LCI Report – Lauri Lopez

Will be focusing on spring cleanup and maintenance

Close to have a contractor set for graffiti removal and lot maintenance

Tentative dates for the city officials to come to fair haven

Compliance checks for the stores happen every 5 or 6 months

Helps keep the businesses honest

Has done some vendor enforcement

Lately have been vendors at the churches. Spoke with the staff and informed them that enforcement will be present next Sunday

Old Business

New Business

Malik Jones All Civilian Review Board (Proposal) – Chris Desir, Wally Hilke

Working on police brutality issues in the city

In the current charter it says the city must have a civilian review board

Advocating for a proposal that has been the product of 2 decades worth of research and development

Advocating for civilian review of police misconduct

Gives the power to the community

Hartford doesn’t have funding for their civilian review board

New Haven needs guaranteed funding

Asking the management team to support the proposal

Dixwell management team has voted to support the proposal

Meet every other street at 760 chapel street

Missing an element to full police accountability in the community

City-Wide Community Management Team Update – Diane Ecton

Attempting to do, with the blessing of the mayor, get all 12 management teams to work together this summer to get entertainment and activities for all residents.

Each team is to come up with 60 ideas each and Fair Haven will be responsible for the youth activities

Kick off will be 6/16 at the fieldhouse

Moved and seconded to form a committee. Committee will be called One City. All interested need to contact Diane Ecton

New Haven Hispanic Firefighter association – Rafael Zayas

Looking to give back to the community

One event is a 3 Kings day event to share culture and bless kids

This year they gave out hundreds of gifts at the local schools

Holds a scholarship banquet where they give out three $1000 scholarships every year. This year it will be 5/31 at Amaranties

Asking for the management team to give a $500 donation towards their 3 Kings day event

Moved to give $500. Seconded. Discussion – how much do we have left? We have about $1000 left in the management team budget. Motion carries

Arts & Ideas Update – David Weinreb

New name: Fair Haven Neighborhood Festival

Funding has increased since the last meeting

Scheduled for 5/26 at Criscuolo park

Next planning meeting is 4/12 at the Farnum community house at 5:30p

4/10 is the final deadline for all vendors, artist and other participants to register

Applications are online

Strong School for Youth Programs and Housing – Kendall Hurae, Bernard Macklin

Looking to open a homeless shelter for teenagers

There are a lot of homeless teens in New Haven. May not be in the

Owns a homeless shelter for teens in Arizona and it is very successful

Operates on contract money coming from the local juvenile detention center

Considering buying the strong school to turn into a teen shelter and would like the community to be involved

Looking for support from the community to buy this building

Will be putting vocational services into the building as well and will allow the members of the community to participate in these classes at cost

Looking for 3 members of the community to sit and help develop the program before they take it to the city

Will have several programs for the youth in addition to the shelter services

New Haven Clock Company/The Clock Shop Lofts – Bill Kruas, Josh Blevins Reed Realty Group

Proposed rehabilitations of the clock shop lofts. 10 buildings that were built in the 1860s. At one time was the largest clock manufacturer in the world

Turn into affordable housing (3) 3 bedrooms (22) 2 bedrooms and (107) 1 bedrooms. Geared toward creative residents

The building is in various states of disrepair including radium

Proposed to be rent restricted for a minimum of 30 years

Hoping to break ground in 2 months on the environmental clean up

Community Presentations

New Haven Fire Department

Free smoke alarms on 4/28/18


877-287-3327 option 1


5/24 at 6pm NHPD Latino Officers Society Det. Rafael Segarra Jr. Scholarship will be at Anthony’s selling tickets for $65

4/22 Chatham square neighborhood will come in to facilitate a community process to come up with their own plan for what should be in the empty spaces on Grand Ave from Quinnipiac Ave to Atwater St. there will be food and children are welcome. At the Atwater senior center at from 12pm to 5pm

2/24 from 6-7:30pm meeting about traffic calming on Front St. (Chapel Street up to Grand Ave) will be at Riverrun

2/22 is the 44th annual cherry blossom festival

New Haven Farms is recruiting for their farm based wellness program

Asking for a suggested donation of $10 but if you cannot afford it all are welcome

Education and free produce

Barbershop on Grafton looking to turn into a dollar store

Contact the Alders with ideas for community improvement ideas

Blue lights are still coming. Waiting for the contract with UI to be complete

Ward 15 residents the new polling place will be on the corner of Chatham and Rowe

Almost complete

Adjournment: 7:34p

Upcoming Meeting: May 3, 2018