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Fair Haven Management Meeting

295 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT 06513

May 3, 2018

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Call to order: 6pm

Welcome and Introductions

Review/Approval of Meeting Minutes – approved and passed

Police Report – Lt. David Zannelli

Capt. Helliger – community liaison 203 668 8087

Senior citizens project to keep them safe and protected

Going to every management meeting and asking all community members to help look out for and protect seniors

Report any questionable issues to police

Looking for ideas that would be helpful for this new initiative

Safe words for family members so they fall victim to phone scams

Trauma care for those who have been victims

Match high school students with seniors

Grand and Lloyd and Chatham Square complaints have led to several search warrants

Got quite a few narcotics arrests

Parking lot at Grand and East Pearl

Paying special attention because of the reports of drug use, abandoned vehicles, and trash

Good results since showing the attention

May Day protest was a good event and all protesters were kept safe

North Haven – 6 officers were injured in a domestic violence incident that led to a fire

Walking beat to start on days due to complaints reporting drug sales on Grand Ave and also Ferry Street

Will have to take from other shifts because they won’t be getting

3 officers are taking the detectives test which may result in them getting promoted and leaving the fair haven area


Fair Haven Management Meeting

295 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT 06513

May 3, 2018

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Fair Haven stroll at front street park scheduled

No murders all year

No shootings all year

Downward trend on violent crime in fair haven

Vacant house burglaries have gone up

Working with LCI on this issue

Fire Department

No report

LCI Report – Lauri Lopez

If you are next door to a vacant house contact Lauri asap

She will contact the owner/landlord to secure the house or secure it themselves

Some vendor enforcement

Grand and Lloyd vendor has moved

Also requested to the city that they don’t place another vendor in that area to avoid future loitering

Cool running has officially moved from under the bridge

Has moved to district 8

Let LCI get the materials and schedule the pickups for any planned neighborhood cleanup activities

St. Roses school on Richard street is vacant

Had a massive flood over the winter

LCI will look into this

Old Business

Arts & Ideas update – David Weinreb

Greatest need right now is food vendors


Fair Haven Management Meeting

295 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT 06513

May 3, 2018

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Because this is a permanent festival the vendors who are usually in that area will be asked to leave that day unless they are under the festival permit

Suggested volunteers approach food trucks downtown or on the Warf to ask if they want to participate

5/26 12-4pm at Criscuolo park

Coffee with a cop will be there

New haven farms will be participating with tours of their farms

Vertical Church Outreach Update – Paul Bronson

On track to launch the food pantry on the 19th

Will be open the 3rd Saturday of every month from 12-2pm

Will have a registration on the 12th with a cook-out at the substation from 11:30am to 1pm

Trying to use that day to answer questions and complete any necessary paperwork

Will need a valid state ID or a utility bill to show they live in the area

Will try hard not to turn anyone away

Loaves and fishes is also involved

New Business

60 Days of Affordable Summer Adventures – Diane Ecton

Newhallville management team chairperson chairs the committee for the 1 city initiative

Everyone will get together to put every neighborhood’s activities on one calendar so the whole city can come out and participate

All current neighborhood family friendly activities can be added to the calendar

Also looking for new ideas for family friendly activities

Family friendly expo at the new haven field house on 6/28 from 4-8pm

Also for each management team to put a flyer in their window that would provide a discount to community members who have a club card


Fair Haven Management Meeting

295 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT 06513

May 3, 2018

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Flyer passed out and will be added to the management team website

To suggest activities

6/28 to 8/26 will be the run of the summer adventures

Survivin’ N Da Hood – Rebecca Goodheart

New project called “Hear My Soul Speak”

What story from your community can you tell to change people’s perspectives about your community

The group will work with those interested to develop these stories that will then be shared and will foster conversations

Will be working with SCSU

Kickoff is 6/10 at SCSU

Southern CT State University – President Joe Bertolino, Gregg Crearar, Jim Barber

Working to position southern as a working-class university

One of 2 public institutions in New Haven that are working class and have the responsibility to serve the community

94% of the students are from CT

Commitment to social justice

85% of graduates stay in the state to work

Beginning in the fall will be the only school in CT that have a doctor of social work program

Constructing 2 new buildings on the campus

Building with the city of new haven a new pre k -4 lab school on the campus

Boots on the ground at gateway and Housatonic

Providing bachelors program at Housatonic now and eventually Gateway

Requesting 3 things of the neighborhood

Visit the campus and attend an event


Fair Haven Management Meeting

295 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT 06513

May 3, 2018

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Talk about the school with others suggest as an option for school

Call them first if you are looking for partnerships

Suggested that they donate to the FHMT’s thanksgiving and summer events

New Haven Stands with Standing Rock – Melinda Tuhus

Started local protests to stop the funding for the pipeline in solidarity with standing rock

In the process of this fight they found out that the city has its funds in Wells Fargo who was one of the funders of the pipeline

Wells Fargo has a poor grade on the community reinvestment act so the city now has to move its money but there is no deadline

Wants the city to move the money to a local bank that is socially responsible

2 asks

Sign the petition asking the city to move to a local bank

Write a letter of support

Moved and second

Suggestions on how it will be written

Amended – management team write a letter requesting the controller and the city of new haven to withdraw and divest funds from Wells Fargo and put out an RFP as soon as possible for a socially responsible vendor

9 voted for and 3 abstentions

Palmeri Building on Hamilton Street (Dept. of Corrections Parole Office) – Anstress Farewell Urban Design League

Department of corrections is purchasing the building and will put their parole offices moving from Fitch street

Approved by city plan

Community Presentations



Fair Haven Management Meeting

295 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT 06513

May 3, 2018

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New Haven Free Public Library

Flyers passed out

New Haven Farms

seedling sale 5/26 in the morning

5th annual community health fair

Yale 5/12/18 from 10-2pm at the Stetson branch library

Free transportation from fair have c-town and other locations through the city

Free sti testing, blood sugar testing and many others

Annual Chatham square River Fest

5/19 from 11-4pm

Food music dancing canoe rides on the river

309 front street

Farm based wellness program with new haven farms

Class that also provides the participants with a basket of veggies

Traffic speed detector on Front Street has been helping keep the street safe

Trying to get more safety on Grand Ave

236th anniversary gala St. Rosa

5/24 at Anthony’s from 6-10pm $55 per ticket

Chatham square is proving the funds for the horse and buggy for the fair haven picnic for the 2nd year

If anyone in the area know a business that is a customer driven business let us know so the area can support them and have them in turn support us

Cositas Deliciosas and El Coqui – support them because they support us

Adjournment: 7:22pm

Upcoming Meeting: June 7, 2018


Fair Haven Management Meeting

295 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT 06513

May 3, 2018

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