June 2018 Minutes 06-15-2018


Fair Haven Management Meeting

295 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT 06513

June 7, 2018



Call to order: 6:00p

Welcome and Introductions

Review/Approval of Meeting Minutes – moved and approved     

Police Report – Lt. David Zannelli

Incident in West Rock: mother was shot and killed in front of her children

2 months ago, the man was apprehended with a lot of narcotics he is violent likely armed and still at large

2 warrants one for murder and one for shooting

If you see him call 911 immediately

Strong ties to West Rock and Fair Haven

Roving gangs of kids assaulting the elderly and stealing their cars (7 in Fair Haven and 3 in Orange)

All 3 of the juveniles have been taken into custody

Cannot release their names because of their age

The children will be released shortly

If you are walking and see groups of kids be mindful

First shooting of the year in Farnum court

Victim is someone known to the police

Believe the shooting was a result of narcotics

Did a 13-drug dealer round up in and around Farnum court

The last building in Farnum court should be down soon

Phase 2 of the construction will begin then

Blue call light box has been installed on Grand and Ferry

4 other locations will receive these

Detectives test recently

6 from Fair Haven took it

If they pass we will be substantially short staffed

Fair Haven busiest district in the city

Most priority 1 call for service in the city

Making sure they keep a handle on it in the summer

New park and walk beat

Rotating officers in and out

High demand for this from businesses and community

First coffee with a cop was a success

2nd one will be on Father’s Day 6/17 at St. Rosa Lima and the 2nd Star of Jacob

Plan to hand out about 300 coffee mugs with coffee

Details will be posted on the website

Fire Department –

Very busy month

Fair haven did a total of 288 calls – 8 fire calls, 1 building fire with no injuries, 2 over exposure calls, majority were EMS (223), 4 hazardous conditions, 5 service calls, 7 false alarms,

Fair Haven Heights did 216 calls

Grand Ave did 334 calls

Most of these calls are likely from the Green

If anyone has a broken water pipe and you think anything will be affected by the water don’t hesitate to call –203-946-6237: they will be able to determine if it is an emergency or non-emergency

This past month all of the hydrants in the city were checked

The fire fighters walk the districts when they do this which helps them become familiar with the districts

2 new buildings at Farnum Court are now occupied

Every day training with the new recruits

Working on essentials as well as public relation, communication skills

Promotions are coming up

Lombard St. will lose 3 or 4 fire fighters

New recruits are finishing soon

K-2 and opioid problems are starting to become and huge issue in the city

LCI Report – Lauri Lopez

No Report

Old Business

Vertical Church Food Pantry Update – Paul Bronson

Launched the food pantry out of the substation on 5/19

52 families came in: gave out about 1800 meals

Loaves and Fishes also helped and provided produce

Will be the 3rd Saturday of each month starts at 12pm and ends at 2pm

Those looking to participate will have to fill out basic information

Bridges of Hope

7/28 will be doing 70 service projects throughout the city with several in Fair Haven with 12 to 15 churches are participating

Flyer will be posted on the website

New Business

Connecticut Open Tennis – Jean Walker


Looking for youth 12-20 volunteers for ball people and 20 years old and up for other volunteer positions

Volunteers get fed

Fund raises for Smilo as well as other places in the community

Suggested that they visit Farnum court 

Y2Y/Youth Continuum Initiative – Sam Greenberg

Looking to provide a shelter for young adults 18-24

Early in the process and is looking for feed back

Site that they have been looking at is 925 Grand Ave. – but will continue to look for other locations

Presented at the Wooster Square management team and heard support and significant concerns

Youth Continuum has been in operation since 1966 and has a location on Grand Ave.

Partnered with Gateway’s nursing program and Yale’s YHHAP

Well over a year from starting the project

Willing to work hard to be a good and thoughtful neighbor

Haven’t been asking for money because they don’t have a location for the shelter yet

Have talked to the community foundation and united way about the potential for funding

Staffing – students volunteered and professional staff on site at all times


State of Connecticut Parole Office – Anstress Farwell

Opening Parole Office at 620 Grand Ave.

Had several issues with their current building and have been looking to move for years

Community concern in that area

Would increase police presence in the area that isn’t helpful to the calm environment that the community is trying to make

Farnum court is an area with high need for police presence

Having the parole office there may be helpful with the potential decrease in police in Fair Haven that may be coming with the promotions and retirements the department is facing

The parole office is providing several supports to the members of the community: ranging from social service agencies, domestic violence groups etc.

Much of the work done is in the community at the parolee’s homes the actual impact of the office on the neighborhood will be minimal

There wasn’t a lot of communication about this between the state and the city and the alder would like more communication in situations like this

Suggested that we get the state legislators to come to the management meeting periodically to update the community

FRAC New Haven’s Financial Review and Audit Commission

Independent commission hired by the city

Looking closely at the city budget and short term and long-term effects

Some revenue issues because of the state budget

Cost issues related to medical expenses which goes up 6% a year

Short term there are continuing issues with revenue and cost

If we want to keep spending exactly where it is then revenue needs to go up

Significantly underfunded pensions

The board has put together a pension task force and a medical task force

Meet once a month next meeting is Tuesday 6/12 at 5:30 at city hall

New Haven has the most debt out of all cities in the state

Would be helpful if Yale contributed more money to the city

Makehaven – J. R. Logan

Millriver Trail pilot to provide coastal access in the area

Will be renovated this summer – wider paths, flowering plants

Will be testing out building techniques and set a precedent for how great the trail could be

Weekly volunteer activities – so far hosted 2 work days to work on weeding, next date is 6/14 at 4:30pm and will probably last about 2 hours, 6/21 at 5pm will be a social event to encourage people to envision/reimagine the area

Updates will be posted on the URI.yale.edu website as well as the Millriver trail Facebook page


Community Presentations

The Fair Haven Arts and Ideas festival

Was a success, great location, great food and very safe

Gave out 20 free bikes, free tours at New Haven farms

60 Days of Free Adventure – One City Summer Program

Last meeting is 6/14 to finalize the actual dates and times will be held at City Hall at 6pm all are welcome



New Haven Free Public Library

Flyer attached

Adjournment: 7:54

Upcoming Meeting:  7/5/18