July 2018 Minutes 07-31-2018


Fair Haven Management Meeting

295 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT 06513

July 5, 2018

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Call to order: 6:08pm

Welcome and Introductions

Introductions of all attendees

Review/Approval of Meeting Minutes


Police Report – Lt. David Zannelli

Walking beat on grand avenue a few days a week

This is not overtime

Has been doing well

Can only do it with probationary officers

Will have this beat until September

Through the month there will be extra officers for the 4-12am shift to avoid increases in crime

Officers were able to take a dangerous man into custody

Officers were able to apprehend a known fair haven man who would break into cars unlocked in driveways

Has been a spike in larceny in vehicles lately especially in the cars left unlocked

Fair haven is about 80% down in robbery and fire arm crimes

Street robberies has ticked up a little but this has been curtailed recently

Burglary of vacant houses has been increasing slightly

Working hard with Laurie Lopez to address this issue

Currently down 130 officers

Lot of gun violence in the Newhallville/Dixwell area

A lot of the individuals are a part of violent groups/gangs

Being released from prison at the same time paired with the summer has led to the increase


Fair Haven Management Meeting

295 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT 06513

July 5, 2018

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Lot of prostitution in the area behind Fair Haven elementary

Will be asking them to remove the benches behind the school

A lot of sex workers are using the external outlets to charge their phones

These will be covered

The police working the overtime evening shift are focused on this area as well

Looking to add lights in that area as well – currently working to get the funds to add the lights

Call the superintendent for refuse to see if they can move the dumpsters

Residents has been noticing a lot of homeless people on the street in the morning

They have been collecting carts and going through the trash on private property as opposed to when the trashcans are on the street

Fire Department

No report

LCI Report – Lauri Lopez

No report

Old Business

Vertical Church Food Pantry Update – Paul Bronson

No report

CT Open Tennis Update – Tim Curry

8/17/18 – 8/25/18

Looking for volunteers for the tournament – ranging from ball people to drivers

Some opportunities for employment

Flyer is attached

Senior day scheduled for Thursday or Friday – for more information about this contact Migdalia Castro at the City of New Haven


Fair Haven Management Meeting

295 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT 06513

July 5, 2018

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Mill River Trail Update – Kevin McCarthy

Working on the first phase of the

Construction will begin late July early August

Multiuse trail – bike, walk, run

Volunteer opportunity every Thursday afternoons by Grand Paint

Letter of Support to Move New Haven’s Money to a Local Bank – Alder Kenneth Reveiz

Read the updated letter out loud letter is attached

Voted and approved with the amendment with who will sign the letter – chairs

Donation letter to the Chatham square neighborhood association

Asking for a donation of $950 for the horse and buggy for the September picnic

Voted and passed to accept the letter

Traffic on James street is too much and too fast

Police will stay on it as much as possible but keep in mind that police staffing is at a historic low

They do have police motorcycles monitoring the traffic

Suggested that they contact Alder Decker about this issue as well to suggest speed humps

The city has also been looking to add bump outs

New Business

City Wide Open Studios/Artspace – Elena Fandrich Education Intern

No report

Community Health Care Van – Sharon Joslin and Rolo

No report

New Haven Land Trust (Nature Preserves/Community Gardens) – Adriana Colon

No report


Fair Haven Management Meeting

295 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT 06513

July 5, 2018

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Community Presentations

Lt. David Zannelli – New Haven Register Article Coffee with a Cop

Wonderful event

Mugs were made for the event

Learned some people are too intimidated to come to the substation so going out to the churches was helpful


7/24/18 Mayor Harp will be coming to Ruflo Manor around 5:30 or 6pm

When they have the official date and time they will inform the management team to post on the website

Spanish league is going on right now

Flags are flying to represent the teams and not to limit who has access to the park

The Dominican flag is smaller than the others but this was not purposeful or discriminatory

New Haven Free Public Library

Flyer attached

Chapel Street Bridge closed 7/29/18 to 9/21/18

Closed for repairs

Criscuolo park splash pad construction should start soon

New Haven Cooling Centers

Moved and approved to write a letter to the city

Manuel and the Lobsterman: author coming to the fair haven library 7/12 at 3pm, must register for the event, limited to 20 students, see flyer for additional details

7/14/18 at Lombard and Ferry St. will be meeting with the city to discuss changes to the light at this intersection. All residents are encouraged to attend

7/20/18 grandparents’ day event at dover beach park 12-4pm


Fair Haven Management Meeting

295 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT 06513

July 5, 2018

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Wheelchair and walker accessible, family friendly

Introduction of Sargent Pedro Colon

New supervisor for the neighborhood

Lady of Guadalupe food pantry every Friday 10-11:30am

Just need identification and

Adjournment: 7:11pm

Upcoming Meeting: