August 2018 Minutes 08-20-2018

Call to order: 6:04pm

Welcome and Introductions

Introductions of attendees

Review/Approval of Meeting Minutes – reviewed and approved

Police Report – Lt. David Zannelli

Significant narcotic and firearm arrests recently

Follow up on the issues on Exchange street

Added lights in that area to discourage foot traffic

Cops are making more rounds

More lights will be added

Dumpsters will be moved as well

Serious assault during a robbery attempt

All 3 suspects have been identified and arrests are imminent

Juvenile activity

Still some car jackings

Recently had a stolen car from Newhallville

Working hard to curtail this new trend

Use caution if you see a group of juveniles walking in

Ferry and Chambers

Located a stolen car, was able to apprehend one of the juveniles the other got away

Seems to be the same group over and over

Gun fire around 2am near Ferry and Chatham

No one was hit

Extra duty at 191 Saltonstall

2 officers with a cruiser

To help with the action that’s been going

Thanks to Michelle Rodriguez  

Will be going door to door with the Yale child study to survey how the community feels about the police

Down in street robberies

Down 25 percent in gun fire

Trends are going in the right direction

Tremaine Pool was killed as a result of a shootout with police in Virginia

He was previously arrested in February with a substantial amount of narcotics

Some issues in Farnum court in the Ferraro’s parking lot

Loitering and drinking in public

Increased officer presence – polite encounters

May increase to ticketing

Not an open lot and are often blocking the entrance of the parking lot

Working in cooperation with housing to speak with the clients as well

Fire Department Report – John Alston  

Promoted 26 new officers in July

2 additional battalion chiefs who will also be attending the meetings

Sweeps through Fair Haven

App: See, click, fix,

Fire department is now on the app as an administrator, they now have their own categories

This is the easiest way to contact them for non-emergency

Amount of fires have gone down

Most of the fires have occurred due to electrical and cooking

Children and pets have been left in cars recently

2 children were left in the car in West Haven and 1 died

Be aware of the dangers of kids being left in cars

Got a Yale Fellow to study the impacts of opioids

Looking into the resources in the community as well as compassion fatigue on behalf of the firemen and EMTs

If you need to talk or have a problem, call the fire department or use the app

LCI Report – Lauri Lopez

Storage container on Downing and Chatham will be looked at to be removed

Old Business

60 Days of Summer Canoeing Activity 8/9

Will be in cooperation with the Newhallville management team at 3:30pm (times depend on the tides and may change)

Have about 30 kids that will be coming

Worked hard to give the kids a great experience that they potentially haven’t had in the past

New Business

Nomination to executive board

Moved to keep the executive board as it stands – 9 yes with 3 abstentions

Chair, Chair, Vice chair, Recording secretary, Treasurer, Secretary

Nominations accepted during the months of August, October, November

Election November 1, 2018

Picnic Committee

Picnic is scheduled for 9/6/18


Cost is usually about $3000

We have about $1052 total in the bank for this picnic as well as the thanksgiving event

Important to get donations from the area businesses

Very important to spend where we requested support from in the past

Will ask the police union to give a contribution this year as well

Will look into purchasing tents to cover the food as opposed to renting them to save money going forward


Being arranged to talk to the local businesses to get food donated by Jose Crespo


Rental equipment

Cost has increased to $975

Mishele will ask to borrow tents from local nonprofits

Fliers to be distributed – volunteers


Cedar knoll farm (horse and buggy ride) volunteers

Check is in the works, once this is done the contract will be signed

Set up volunteers

Kids from St. Francis, St. Rosa but we need more

Cooking and entertainment volunteers

Working it out with Parks and Rec to get the rock wall

Breakdown volunteers

We need volunteers

Police will also volunteer

Artspace – Elena Cole

City Wide Open Studios

3-week festival in October

Last day to register is 9/1/18

Registration cost $30

More information and registration available at

Will also include bike tours around the private studios

Can also rent space at the Urban Collective

Inviting others to host artists at your own space, private homes, businesses etc.

Contact – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Only requirement is to be older than 18 years old

Theme this year is “Wellbeing” and they are looking to partner with others along this theme

Save the Sound – Great Urban Parks Campaign Nicole Davis

Working to put together a plan to

Intersection of Haven and Exchange street – looking to use this area for storm water capturing utilizing a grant

Asking for support to engage the community – looking for more businesses and agencies to partner with

New haven land trust, new haven clinic, new haven farms, Coldspring school,

Working with the Mill River trail advocates to work on the trail already being worked on in Fair Haven

Will look at lighting and security measures in the area as well

Contact Nicole Davis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any additional questions or concerns

Community Presentations


New Haven Free Public Library

Flyer attached

Chapel Street Bridge closed 7/29/18 to 9/21/18

Catholic Charities back to preschool fair at St. Francis 8/1 3pm to 5pm

Jamaican Fest in Criscuolo park this Sunday 11am to 9pm


Upcoming Meeting: 10/4/28