October 2018 10-05-2018

v  Call to order: 6:05p

v  Welcome and Introductions

Ø  Introductions of all attendees

Ø  Alders: Kenneth Reveiz, Dave Reyes, Allan Greenberg, Jose Crespo, Ernie Santiago

Ø  State Representatives:  Al Paulillo, Juan Candelaria, Roland Lemar

v  Review/Approval of Meeting Minutes – approved

v  Police Report –Lt David Zanelli, Lt. Mark O’Neill, Lt. Herbert Sharp

Ø  Lt. Zanelli – transferring to internal affairs as of Monday 10/8/18

§  No murders

§  3 shootings as opposed to 9 last year

§  Violent crimes are way down

§  Officer Caesar Gutierrez one of the first officers in residents programs on Richards street

Ø  Lt. O’Neill – New Fair Haven District Manager

§  Came from Wooster Square, prior to this he worked in the motorcycle unit and was a patrol officer in Newhallville

§  Will work to forge relationships and build trust

§  Had a few districts to choose from and he picked Fair Haven because he likes the area

§  Email and cell phone contact information: 203-589-1688/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

§  Can’t always answer calls but will respond to email and text asap

Ø  Lt. Herbert Sharp

§  The Chiefs were unable to attend

§  Lt. Zanelli’s move was something that had to happen – it is very important from someone in internal affairs to be as fair and impartial as Zanelli

§  Community concerns

·         Community policing works when the neighbors can trust the police and that doesn’t happen when the neighborhood goes through 6 district managers in 7 years

·         Stability is important

·         It is important that the department and neighborhood’s vision for the district manager are in line with each other

·         Would like a more on-going conversation with the Chief and/or assistant chief

·         We need to start now in planning for the next district manager if the new district manager plans on retiring soon

·         We need to have clear conversations about changes and not waiting until the last minute to notify the community

·         Will formulate a letter to the Chiefs to address their absence in this meeting

·         Curious to know if any districts have faced the amount of change that Fair Haven has dealt with

·         When the management team request presence they are doing it on behalf of the residents and not showing up is a disregard to the resident’s concerns

·         There should be 1 district manager per district and not 1 district manager sharing districts.  We should have sergeants as district managers and not lt.

·         Would be helpful if we could see the stats and compare our neighborhoods to the other districts.  If there is a priority in terms of stability, then it should be focused on the district managers

·         We do our best to be a gateway to the administration and the police department, but the department isn’t doing their best on our behalf

·         Would be valuable for the police department to share their definition of community policing with the community since everyone has their own definition

·         Last year we were able to be a part of the vetting process of the new district manager

§  Response to the concerns

·         There were a lot of changes in the department in the past 7 years.  It will become more stable and there will be more consistency coming for the neighborhood

·         Consistency is important, but all of the officers believe in community policing no matter where they come from and/or moved to

·         Agree that we need to set the appointment up for the Chiefs to attend the meetings to open communication

·         It is the department’s expectation that the district managers communicate on behalf of the department

v  Fire Department

Ø  No report

v  LCI Report – Lauri Lopez

Ø  Looking forward to partnering with the new District Manager

Ø  Street sweeping until 11/1

Ø  Has been asking to move the dumpsters by Fair Haven school to solve the problem in that area

Ø  Board of Ed has gone into contract with public works to get rid of the dumpsters and replace them with public works dumpsters to help with the issue at the school

Ø  Since what happened on the green there have been a lot of new people in the neighborhood - will be working with Velma George on this

Ø  The land trust with the greenhouse on the corner had homeless people inside

§  Working on lighting but would also like the police to come by sometimes and check it to get the people moving

v  Old Business

Ø  Nomination to Executive Board – Chair, Chair, Vice Chair, Recording secretary, Treasurer, Secretary

§  Michelle Lee Rodriguez – Chair

§  David Weinreb – Corresponding Secretary

§  Susan Regan – Treasurer

§  Mishele E. Rodriguez – Vice Chair

§  Diane Ecton – Chair

§  LeAnne Reynolds – Recording Secretary

Ø  Election November 1st

v  New Business

Ø  Thanksgiving committee (dinner at the Atwater senior center and baskets for the school)

§  Need people to raise money ($3500 usually), gather donors for food, desserts, etc.

§  Currently the bank account we have $2989

·         $700 of the total will be going to the united way soon

§  Need permit for the senior center, meet with the staff at the senior center

§  The committee will meet with Dave to get the details of what needs to happen to plan the event

·         Taneka Mitchell, Diane Ecton, Michelle Rodriguez, Mishele E. Rodriguez, Sally Esposito, MaryAnn, Kim Acosta   

Ø  Next Step Strong School District – Sara Miller

§  Kenneth Reviez- Talking about development on the Strong School. There was a mural that was made last July. Wants to get folks in the neighborhood involved.

§  Sally-Vision 2025 a ten-year plan about improvement in New Haven concerning economics.

§  There was a meeting in April where strengths, resources needed and barriers

§  Meeting last month was to follow up on the April meeting

§  Working on creating action items for the last meeting

§  The city now owns the lot on grand and east pearl which is a great opportunity for development for the community and Strong School

§  If you would like to be added to the mailing list, see Sara Miller or Kenneth Reviez

Ø  New Haven Leaders Program – Care Community Alliance Research and engagement (CARE)– Sharon Taylor

§  New Haven Health Leaders Program

·         Great opportunity for community members and providers

·         Will link these people to research

·         Opportunity to gain a skill set and become a community voice that is currently missing

·         8-month project, $200 stipend, adults only, applications will be posted on the website

·         Looking to gain 10 residents for the next cohort


v  Community Presentations

Ø  Community would like to focus more on the issues in the community and not as much of a focus on the businesses/organizations


v  Announcements

Ø  10/30 6-8pm meeting to speak about quality of life issues in Fair Haven at the Atwater Senior Center

Ø  An idea worth considering is to move the meeting to a different location to encourage attendance

§  Easiest location without permits and without payments would be the NH Library

Ø  Black and Hispanic Caucus annual fall gala

§  10/25 at 6pm at Anthony’s Oceanview tickets are $75/person

Ø  New Haven Free Public Library

§  Flyer attached

v  Adjournment: 7:51pm

Ø  Farewell party for David Zanelli

v  Upcoming Meeting:  11/1/18