November 2018 11-07-2018

Call to order: 6:07pm

Welcome and Introductions

Introductions of attendees

Not an official meeting due to not having enough of the executive board in attendance

Kenyatta Thompson – community organizer

David Gemeroso – from Emergency Shelter Management

Raymond Wallace – community member and founder of guns down books up

Lynwood Branham Jr.  – Farnum neighborhood house

Review/Approval of Meeting Minutes – reviewed            

Unable to vote

Police Report – Lt. Mark O’Neil

Pretty good month so far

Most of the recent crimes are larceny from motor vehicles or car theft

The majority of these were due to the doors being unlocked

Remember to lock your doors

A few fire arm discharges – all isolated incidents

One person was caught

One incident was caught on video and they are now securing a warrant for the person

Long narcotic investigation  result

30 Houston St. and a place in Branford were searched and found over 700 grams of heroin, $40,000 in cash and a handgun

Fire Department Report – John Alston  

No report

LCI Report – Lauri Lopez

Graffiti/vacant land maintenance will start to slow down due to the weather

If the graffiti is truly offensive they will work to get rid of it right away

The building on the corner where Azteca was sold, and Azteca is now closed

Looks like it will be reopened as a restaurant they won’t need a liquor license which is great

Blue lights

One was confirmed on Grand and Ferry, but we were also supposed to be getting 5 more

Requested that we get the money back if they don’t plan to put in the lights

We want the lights more than the money, but we should try to get the money back first and then work on getting the lights installed

Requested that the Alders reach out to get this moving again

Doug Hausladen – from parking and transit should come to the meeting to speak on it

Moved for Kenneth to meet with Doug to demand the lights and the money if the lights aren’t coming asap

Old Business


LeAnne – removing her name from the nominations

Kim Acosta – Recording Secretary

Vote to Executive Board

Unable to vote due to not having quorum and not having

Thanksgiving Committee Update

Cindy and Sally worked on a price from Ferraros

$1035 for 180 people

Grand Apizza will do the salad and the butter only

Has a list of what to get and who usually donates what for the event

Still need items donated:

About $800/$900 dollars total for the following items – any checks must be written to the Fair Haven Management team

Napkins and table cloths

Utensils/paper plates/paper bowls

Coffee cups

Cold drink cups

Salad dressings









Letter is needed for Raymond and Michelle for the donations, so they can request them from businesses

LeAnne will reach out to Vertical Church to see if they are willing to donate

New Business

Curtis McBride – Emergency Management Shelter

Requesting written support

Working to keep the shelter alive and in the Fair Haven neighborhood

House between 60 and 70 men per night

Requesting CDBG funds $10,000 to upgrade their bathrooms

Tabled to vote at the next meeting

Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen

Not present

Guns Down Books Up

Organization and mentorship for boys  

60 kids participating

Hot meal series at Bella Vista

Annual union and youth festival each summer

Applying for the CDBG grant to keep the program running and to expand into Fair Haven

Contact information: 203-850-7254   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Community Presentations

Jonathan Flores – Catholic Charities

Applying for CDBG funds to expand the Fair Haven youth access to their programs – asking for the management team’s support

Should increase youth participation by 75%

Employment program for the youth

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – to contact to get youth connected to the program

Ages 14-24

Moved to table this till next meeting to vote


Mayor will be coming to the December meeting

Saturday is Dia De Los Muertos in Fair Haven – Flyer will be posted on the website

Senator Chris Murphy will be at C-Town in Fair Haven tomorrow 11/2/18 at 11:15am

Vote on Tuesday!

Adjournment: 7:22pm

Upcoming Meeting: 12/6/28