Minutes 01-05-2017



Fair Haven Management Meeting

295 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT 06513
January 5, 2017


Call to order: 6:02pm
Present: LeAnne Brewer, Diane Ecton, Dave Steinhardt
Present City, State, and Federal Officials: Jose Crespo, Ernie Santiago, Robert Roberts, Kenneth Rivera, Santiago Berrios-Bones, Ben Florsheim, Michael Piscateli, Douglas Hausladen, Rebecca Bombero
Welcome and Introductions        5 Minutes
Each individual introduced themselves including their street name and/or agency

Review/Approval of Meeting Minutes     5 Minutes

Police Report –          10 Minutes
Tony Reyes-Patrol Chief of New Haven, and Herbert Sharp    
Anthony Maio resigned last month
Budged for 20 lieutenant positions currently have 11
District manager are supposed to be lieutenant
For a long time the position was held by sergents
Some disctricts are sharing a disctrict manager
At the end of this month there will be a sergeant test and the end of Feb they are having a lieutenant test
Should has all positions full within the next 3 or so months
Sergeant Renee Dominguez was selected as the Fair Haven District Manager
Spanish speaking, great track record, and elegible to take the lieutenant test next month, on the track to be here for a while for her career
This was done on short notice a few Aldermen were notified in advance
14 years in the New Haven police force
Became a sergeant in 2014
Started as the district manager of Newhallville for 3.5 years
Learned community policing in Newhallville
Every year does a backpack event, Christmas event,
Sends out a weekly email that the community can receive if they sign up to get them
Became a police officer in 2000 in Newtown, CT
Tony Reyes invited back for the March meeting
Contact info:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 203 946 7377 office – 203 887 0618 cell
Detective Michael Defonzo
String of commercial robberies happening here and in disctrict 9
In the early stages of the investigation cant say too much without compromising the case
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

LCI Neighborhood Specialist – Laurie Lopez Johnson   10 Minutes
Forfeited her time for the sake of the presentations and new district manager
Old Business         5 Minutes
Positions and attendance records displayed on wall
Accepting additional nominations
No additional nominations
Floor was closed and seconded
Prior nominations were accepted by the following
Diane Ecton, David Steinhardt, Sally Esposito, LeAnne Brewer
Prior nominations not accepted by the following
Pedro Nunez
Prior nominations not in attendance
Mark Firla
Some voters opted to obstain from voting due to the open voting procedures
Diane Ecton, David Steinhardt
David Steinhardt
Vice Co-Chair
Sally Esposito
Recording Secretary
LeAnne Brewer
Corresponding Secretary
Diane Ecton
Moved and seconded to close the floor on voting

New Business         10 Minutes
FISH of Greater New Haven: Susan Redente
Non-profit group in New Haven providing food assistance to individuals homebound due to issues that prevent them from getting their own food from the grocery store and/or soup kitchen
Requesting funds from the community development block grant and requesting the support of the management team
Serves 565 households each month
Voted to support
Farnam Center: Lou Perno
Services mainly youth from Greater New Haven
Provides services, education and recreational programs
Requesting CDBG funds ($93,000)and requesting the support of the management team
Voted to support
Student Parenting & Family Services Inc:
Service student parents
As long as they are in school and the kids are below 2 years old and 9 months
Requesting support from the managent team requesting $12,000-14,000
Voted to support
Easter Seals Goodwill Industries: Darryl Thames
$119,000 CDBG funds for 2 positions in a reentry program that provides contact prior to release and case management after release from prison
Goal is to reduce recidivism and improve public safety
The 2 positions are case manager and community advocate which are critical positions for the program
One of the agencies that work with the City’s reentry project
Not a duplication of services for the City
Voted to support
Mary Wade: David Hunter and Lynn Knowles
Asking for $25,000 from CDBG for transportation funds for a program that takes clients to doctors offices and another program that takes seniors on social trips on the weekend
Voted to support
New Reach: LeAnne Brewer
Requesting ESG and HOPWA funds for the Rapid Rehousing and Supportive Housing Programs
Voted to support
Mike Piscatelli – City of New Haven
SCSU entered a student project and placed in the same division as Yale
This student is from Fair Haven
Becky Bombero - Parks Department
Movies in the park are returning this summer
We will be voting on the date and the park at the February meeting for the Fair Haven movie in the park
The grant mentioned last year for Criscolo Park was not approved
Awarded $25,000 to start capitol project at Criscolo Park
Meeting on 1/26/17 to discuss this project
The $10,000 grant from the management team designated for Criscolo Park is still in the que
The parks department is committed to complete the project this year
It was discussed in 2016 to take the money back but we will not be taking this money back
Doug Hauslanden – Traffic Department
On the agenda for next month’s meeting for traffic study presentation
Passed out important information for snow days
Call 956-SNOW for information
Move New Haven Community engagement meeting 1/25/17 at 6pm downtown free public library
Bike share information
Next 8 months will be surveying the city for a potential bike share launch in the fall of 2017
See Click Fix
Using this site as a way to crowdsouce ideas for bike share locations
Blue light bus shelter is still in the works
Grand and Ferry bus stop

Announcements         5 Minutes
Clinton ave area is going to be redeveloped there will be a meeting to discuss the project coming up next Thursday or Friday
Agencies can become voting members if they attend at least 5 meetings a year
Agencies are encouraged to attend the meeting more often than just to request support for grants
Alderman Santiago Berrios-Bones will be resigning as of 1/31/17 and a replacement will be sorted out internally
If an election is necessary it will be held within 45 days of his resignation

Upcoming Meeting
February 2, 2017