Minutes 02-02-2017



Fair Haven Management Meeting

295 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT 06513
February 2, 2017

Call to order: 6:03 pm

Present: Co-Chair Diane Ecton (Youth Continuum), Co-Chair and Treasurer Dave Steinhardt, Vice-Chair Sally Esposito

Present City, State, and Federal Officials: Alder Ernie Santiago (Ward 15), Robert Roberts (Ward 15 Dem. Co-Chair), Kevin Diaz (NH Police Commission & Ward 15 Dem. Co-Chair), Kenneth Reveis (Ward 14 Dem. Co-Chair), Mark Firla (Ward 14 Co-Chair), Michael Pinto (City of NH DTTP), Raj Mathur (City of NH DTTP), Laurie Lopez (NH LCI), Sgt. Renee Dominguez (NHPD FH District Manager), Asst. Chief Luiz Casanova (NHPD)

Welcome and Introductions                                                                          5 Minutes

Each individual introduced themselves including their street name and/or agency

Review/Approval of January Meeting Minutes                                          5 Minutes

A motion to approve the January minutes was made by Mary Ann Moran and seconded by Robbie Roberts and a unanimous vote followed.

Police Report – Sgt. Renee Dominguez                                                         15 Minutes

Sgt. Dominguez sent around a list for anyone interested in receiving weekly emails from her.

Asst. Chief Casanova joined the meeting and greeted everyone.  He stopped in to endorse Sgt. Dominguez as a hard worker who is able to balance between crime and engaging the community.  He explained that he was happy to be there but did have to leave after a while to attend to other business.  People were very happy to see him and thanked him for attending.

Sgt. Dominguez returned to her report which included:

Numbers were down this month but included:

A second robbery at Chino’s market on Clinton took place on Sun. at 10:00 am; it was possibly the same person and they may have a suspect but continue to work on it.

Two delivery drivers were robbed on Wilcox Place and also in the Pine Street area within minutes of each other.  Will follow up with local businesses.

Theft from vehicles is up and Sgt. Dominguez advised clearing everything from view in vehicles, lock doors, etc.  If you put things in the trunk do it so no one sees you doing so.

Regarding items in home, when possible inventory them including serial number to make it easier to identify items when recovered.  Lee added keeping an electronic file with photos of all serial numbers is helpful.

Dave asked about “sanctuary cities” and whether funds will be lost.  Chief C. responded that it is hard to tell what will happen but New Haven has been a sanctuary city and we’re not going to change.  He further said, we live in a country with a process and hopefully we will move past the turmoil.

LCI Neighborhood Specialist – Laurie Lopez                                              10 Minutes

Many cars are being towed – 15 or so in the last month

A number of illegal basement apartments have been found while looking for other things and had to be condemned in the last month.  This is not easy because it often involves immigrants.

Debris at the burned house at Downing & Grafton was cleaned and removed.  Cars on the property will be removed later.

Kevin Diaz reported trash and leaves have been collecting for at least two months at Clinton Av. Park and trash cans have not been emptied. Laurie will bring it to Will Clark of NHPS for a work order.  Alder E. Santiago thought it might be a Parks Dept. responsibility.  Lee Cruz reported that a large tree fell at Strong School and destroyed one-third of the playground which is well-used by neighborhood kids.  NHPS came and chopped the tree – please thank Will Clark for the rapid response.

Old Business                                                                                                       10 Minutes

Quinnipiac River Park (Front Street) – Movie in the Park: vote on date of 6/2/2017

A motion to approve the date was made by Lee and seconded by Alder E. Santiago followed by a unanimous vote.


Ms. Lensley Gay of the Sickle Cell Program asked for continued support after explaining some of the current issues being worked on.  She mentioned the effort is being pushed by Mayor Harp.  September is Sickle Cell month and an event will be held a Woolsey Hall.  She requested a letter of support from the FHMT but did not have the dollar amount being requested. Dave explained that the letter can’t be voted on until the amount is confirmed and that she did not have to return to the MT just send a letter to Diane E. with the information.


New Business                                                                                                     45 Minutes

Traffic Department CEC Mass Mobility Study and Traffic Department Traffic Study – Draft Fair Haven Mobility Study: Michael Pinto and Raj Mathur of the City of NH DTTP and David Sousa of CDM Smith Consultants

Michael Pinto explained that Doug Housladen who was supposed to present was called to another meeting.  He also explained that the CEC Mass Mobility Study was to rationalize recommendations for buses.  He announced outreach for the bikeshare program is through See Click Fix to suggest locations for bikes.  The next Move New Haven meeting will be May 11 from 6:00-8:00 and will have the survey results.  The website is movenewhaven.com.  The next Bikeshare meeting will be February 13 from 6:00-8:00 in the cafeteria at Career HS.

David Sousa began the presentation of initial findings and recommendations for the Fair Haven Mobility Study which was commissioned by the South Central Regional Council of Governments.

The study looked at certain one-way Fair Haven streets and the possibility of converting them to two-way.  A similar study was done in Newhallville.  In fact, the handout showed Newhallville and not Fair Haven locations and the posters were also incorrect. The corrected handout was to be sent the the FHMT.

It was unclear how it was determined that Fair Haven was the subject of the study.  The answer was that it was decided that Fair Haven and Newhallville don’t get many resources so these two areas would get this study. 

Several questions arose about how this study could have taken place without neighborhood input or input from Alders. 

David Sousa explained that:

he had met informally on two occasions – once at the FHMT picnic - with neighborhood people to discuss how to make the neighborhood more walkable and bikeable;

this program looked at one-way, low volume residential streets;

we now realize two-way streets are better;

the recommended street conversions are in the complex diagram in the PowerPoint that includes speed reduction measures;

this is a draft plan and feedback from the community is needed;

they looked at a bicycle network – bicycle boulevard/neighborhood greenway, and use of traffic calming calming tools;

the New Havn program is recognized nationally;

this effort may be described as “tactical urbanism”;

streets are for all so this would identify streets that can be shared since some streets are too narrow for bike lanes;

this report included recommended street conversions with suggested tools.

Many questions, comments, and concerns followed including from Robbie Roberts and Alder Ernie Santiago.  Particular concerns were raised about conversions of English and Peck Streets to two-ways.

A feedback form was provided but many commented that there wasn’t enough time to process the recommendations especially since the handout was incorrect.  Is it online? No, but it will be.  Sgt. Dominguez offered to have feedback forms dropped in the substation mailbox and she will forward them.

Alder Ernie Santiago asked how it will be paid for and how long was the study.  Isn’t it cheaper just to put speed bumps which would allow parking to continue?  Where do we go from here?  Michael Pinto explained that it can be doen cheaply with certain materials and that the study took about a year.  The decision is above Michael. 

Mr. Oliver asked: What is the objective?  Will it really benefit FH?  D. Sousa stated it is an extension of NH “Complete Streets”.  Lee C. commented it started when people are dying on the streets and slowing down will help.  It’s driven by saving lives.

K. Reveis asked for an explanation of “greenway” and also raised a concern that people in the neighborhoods can’t get jobs in the City and this effort might be and invitation for folks outside the City to move in.

Dave said the materials needed to present a more realistic image of the streets; Michael P. said the materials were modeled after Pine St.

Fran Goeckler-Morneau expressed concern about how long it takes to get across the City and tha tit is nice to consider increasing bike routed but people need to be able to move around the City.  Michael replied that you can get from end to end easily moving at a more reasonable speed.

Further suggestions and concerns:

Many people cut trhough FH to bypass Q Bridge (Kevin D.)

Process suggestion: present tools and then ask for input as to where they might be effectively used (Ken R.)

Send letters to residents of the targeted streets (Mr. Oliver)

Gather data to show crime reduction on two-way streets (Lynne Knowles)

Look at State Street (Alder S.)

Discussion on the Draft Fair Haven Mobility Study concluded with Michael giving his phone numer 203-946-8007 and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further comments.  The presenters will be invited back.

Other                                                                                                                    5 Minutes

Dave passed the collection jar for donations toward the Thanksgiving dinner for the seniors at Atwater Senior Center.

Items for Next Month’s Agenda:

Sally will facilitate a review and update of FHMT By-Laws

Requests for brief presentations at next month’s meeteing were made by:

Big Brothers: Guillermo Serrano

May 2017 New Haven Bike Month: Caroline Smith

Leeway Community Living Model Project: Melissa Cox


7:30 pm

Upcoming 2017 Meetings

April 6

May 4

June 1

July 6 – No meeting

August 3

Respectfully submitted, Sally Esposito

September 7 – Picnic

October 5

November 2

November 20 – Thanksgiving

December 7 – Xmas party