Minutes 04-06-2017




Fair Haven Management Meeting

295 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT 06513
April 6, 2017


Call to order:
Present: LeAnne Brewer, Diane Ecton, Sally Esposito
Present City, State, and Federal Officials: Robert Roberts, Giovanni Zinn, Santiago, Michael Pinto, Kenneth
Welcome and Introductions        5 Minutes
New attendees introduced themselves

Review/Approval of Meeting Minutes     5 Minutes
Moved and seconded to approve the minutes

Police Report –  Sergeant Rene’e Dominguez    10 Minutes
Car breakins have been happening during the midnight hours
Lone individual caught on private survalience cameras
Going through back yards and only targeting cars in private driveways
All the cars this week have been unlocked
Suggested that back or side lights be left on in a deterrent
Also seems to be targeting contractors and stealing tools and things along those lines
Important to write down serial numbers so stolen tools can be identified
Shooting recently
Man was shot in the chest and spent all day with the bullet in his chest
Claimed it happened on James St. but no one in the area heard or reported it
Trying to get ahead of the ATVs that are going to be coming as the weather gets warmer
If people know where they are coming from/going to let the police know so they can be identified without being pursued
Met with Becky Bombero from Parks
Got signs that say no parking sunset to sunrise
This will allow ticketing of illegal parking
Would like to move the management team meeting to Colombus School starting in May
Plenty of space and they also have a microphone which can be useful
Moved that we change the meeting place monthly to Christoper Colombus School
Seconded and passed
Community suggestion 
Move the motorcyclist police with the speed radars to areas that are more residential
234 Fillmore is getting out of hand
Will talk about this off line

LCI Neighborhood Specialist – Laurie Lopez Johnson   10 Minutes
Decisions need to be made on how to spend the neighborhood improvement project money
Last year $5k went to the emergency call box being installed on Grand and Ferry
Some went to the annual picnic($2,000+), website, and Thanksgiving dinner event at Atwater Senior Center
The park project from 2 years ago has not been started
This was put on hold in order to prioritize the staff and time because the park was going to have steady league play
Might be a good idea for the management team to write a letter to Parks and Rec. asking for the project to be completed
Might be a good idea for the community to go to one of the monthly Parks and Rec. meetings and speak to them there
They meet the 3rd Wednesday at 5:30 at Edgewood Park
Suggested for someone from the Independent to write an article about it in order to bring some sort of public pressure
This will be added to the agenda next month so the community can propose ideas for projects
Department of Transportation, Traffic, & Parking – Raj Mathur, Michael Pinto
Final mobility study recommendations
Over the past few years there has been a significant increase in distracted driving
Looking to bring this down through these recommendations
This dates back to 2010 – an ordanance that mandates they take vunerable users as they plan and move forward in changes
Fair Haven has specific challenges that they are looking to correct
Fairly low percentage of walkers/bicyclists to work
Runoff going into the river
Unnecessary one way streets
Opportunities in Fair Haven 
Increase bicyle lanes
Or identify a network of low volume residential streets and convert those streets to become bicyle friendly – not necessarily add bike lanes but make cars yield to them
Convert some one way streets to 2 way
Refer to the attached packet identifying the rest of the recommendations and suggestions
Next steps
Will be presenting the finial report and they are looking for community feedback
Have the community pick one test street that they will work on as a pilot program
Evaluate how well the pilot street works and them move forward to make the changes more permenant
Moved, seconded, and passed to schedule a separate meeting to discuss the changes

Old Business         5 Minutes
Bylaws subcommittee update
Subcommittee met and made the changes
The co-chairs will review the changes and then they will be presented to the community

New Business         10 Minutes
Giovanni Zinn - City Engineer
Chapel St. Bridge
3 phases
Phase 1. Structural, mechanical, and electrical upgrates
May 8-22nd full vehical closure of the bridge
Should be done 1st week of june
Phase 1.5 replacing the bridge deck with concrete and plastic asphault
This will cause more 2-3 day road closures
10 day road closure in July
Phase 2 painting the entire structure to different shades of blue
Cost about 3 million
Must be painted in the open position
Will be closed for about 8 weeks starting in August
Seems like a long time but in the long run it is better than waiting and closing the bridge for a year because the steel rusted
Any questions contact Giovanni Zinn at 203 946 8105 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Announcements         5 Minutes
Free Dental Clinic
4/7, 4/8 starting at 6am
Floyd Little Athletic Center 480 Serman Parkway
First come first serve
Fair Haven Block Party – Guillermo Serrano and Misael Mercado
May 27, 2017 1-4pm James St. at Criscuolo Park
Landtrust/Schooner Summer Program – Mary Ann Moran
2 week camp this summer
Scholarships available
8am-3pm with provisions to keep the kids until 5pm
Anyone interested contact Mary Ann Moran
Chatham Square Neighborhood Association – Mary Ann Moran
Easter/Spring Pary – April 15th 1-2:30pm
Chatam Square Park
Riverfest – May 20th 11-4pm, 307 Front Street
Roadrace, food, dancing and fun
New Haven’s Road Mile Race – May 20th 11:15am, 307 Front Street
Meeting adjourned 7:05pm

Upcoming Meetings
May 4, 2017
June 1, 2017
August 3, 2017
September – Picnic
October 5, 2017
November – Thanksgiving volunteer event
December 7, 2017 – Holiday Party