Minutes 06-01-2017





Fair Haven Management Meeting


Columbus School Cafeteria, 255 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT 06513


June 1, 2017, 6:00 p.m.


(5 min.) Welcome and Introductions


Called to order 6:08pm


New attendees introduced


Present: Co-Chair Diane Ecton (Youth Continuum), Vice-Chair Sally Esposito, Secretary LeAnne Brewer



Present City, State, and Federal Officials: Robert Roberts (Ward 15 Dem. Co-Chair), , Kenneth Reveis (Ward 14 Dem. Co-Chair), Mark Firla (Ward 14 Co-Chair), Laurie Lopez


(NH LCI), Sgt. Renee Dominguez (NHPD FH District Manager)



(5 min.)  Establish Quorum/Calling of Roll of Eligible Voting Members/ Clarify


“Voting Member”: “A quorum constitutes two-thirds of the voting members.”  “Each Fair Haven Community Management Team member . . . who has attended 5 of the previous 12 meetings is considered a voting member.”  Also, “For definition purposes, a voting member in good standing is a person who attends and remains throughout the full course of the meeting as documented by the sign-in sheet.”



(10 min.)  Review / Approval Meeting Minutes


April: Tabled


May: Tabled



(5 min.) Treasurer’s Report – David Steinhardt


David was not in attendance to tive the treasurer’s report



(10 min.)  Police Report - Sgt. Renee Dominguez


Flyers offered for those interested in applying for the police department


2 concerning robberies


As Van Dome was closing there were 2 robberies within the same amount of time


Seems like it was done by the same team of people


will be deploying more officers as the clubs/bars close


car break-ins are back up


keep doors locked and windows up


keep valuables out of eyesight


tools seem to be the biggest target


after promotions are made in July there will be a drop in officers as they move on to different positions


2 more walking beats will begin in August


When you call the police for noise complaints make sure you leave your name and number so they officers know to call back after investigating 


Call or email Sgt. Dominguez to request more officer presence on your street



(10 min.) LCI Report – Laurie Lopez


The work at Criscuolo Park is almost done


Backstop should be done soon


Concrete pads are being put in and we’re waiting on the bleachers


The back corner of the park doesn’t have lights 


The city has said once the digging is done they should be back on but Laurie will check with Parks and Rec to confirm and report back to the community 


There are rumors that Coldspring is planning on taking over the park


That will never happen but it was suggested that the director is invited to the next management team meeting


Arati Pandit – 203 787 1584 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2017 $10,000 grant project discussion


Strong School Mural  - $1,000


To allow the community to have more input in the mural


A lot of the windows and doors are boarded up and will likely be that way for a long time


Building hasn’t been used for 5 years


The plan is to make it beautiful for the area/start a conversation with the community about what should be done with the building in the future/allow community members to participate in the painting The mural may also prevent graffiti 


Past murals have deterred graffiti for years 


Motion made and seconded to contribute $918




Mural will be on the plywood not the brick so they will be able to remove the plywood once a decision has been made about the building


Will begin the weekend of 6/24 will be done over one weekend


16 voted yes 


Carried and passed 


Picnic - $1,000


11 voted yes 


Motion carried and passed


Thanksgiving - $1,500


16 voted yes


Motion carried and passed


Website - $1,500


Moved to table until next meeting


Carried and passed


Pequenas Ligas Volleyball team travel - $200


Has been doing youth programs in the neighborhood for 20+ years


In need of money to pay for travel throughout New England


16 voted yes


Motion carried and passed



Presentation: Michael B. Smart, City/Town Clerk


Record keeper of the city


Records go back to the 1600s and are all open for public viewing


some services available


Notery services available


Bilingual staff


This is dog license month and they can get licensed at the city clerk office


Takes care of military discharge forms


Fishing and hunting liceses


Training certificate for new businesses


Absentee ballots


Old Business     


(5 min.)   Bylaws Review Status


Reminder, the Bylaws amendments will be voted on at the August 2017 meeting.  (“These by-laws may be amended or replaced by a majority vote at the stated meeting of the Management Team provided written notice of the proposed amendment will have been given each member at least thirty (30) days prior to such meeting.”)


Distribute/Summarize Draft Bylaws Amendments which will be attached to the email sending the minutes of the this meeting.  This email will be sent to all who attended CMT meetings in the past year.  Please bring your copies of the draft Bylaws amendments to the August meeting.


A copy of the admened bylaws will be emailed 


Members should print and bring this copy to the August meeting so we can discuss and vote



New Business –


(5 min.)   August/Summer Meeting Location: “The Fair Haven Community Management Team will meet two times per calendar year off-site of the Fair Haven Community Police Substation. . . . The location of these two meetings will be determined by nomination two meetings and by vote one meeting in advance of each of these meetings.”  Related topic, “The Fair Haven Community Management Team will meet at such times and places as it may from time to time designate provided, however, that meetings shall be scheduled no less than twelve (12) times per calendar year.”


The library has approved the management team to meet in their community room on the lower level 


Voted and passed 





Pequenas Ligas Hispanas de New Haven Road Race and Triathlon


In the early stages of planning 


Needs police support for street closures


Also looking to organize the “Grand Avenue Mile” from Quinnipac to East St. 


Point to point race of one mile


Permit has been submitted


In need of street coverage(main issue due to cost), community support, support from the Alders 


9/10/17 11am 


Suggested by Sgt. Dominguez that they move the run to a different location to lessen the need for the police


International Festial of Arts and Ideas Celebrate Fair Haven Pop-Up  § 6/3/17 2-7pm 


Marcus Paca 


Running for mayor of New Haven  § Opened campaign office on Grand Ave.


The future of English station 6/22 6-7pm  


Sponsored by Aaron Greenburg


Anyone interested in volunteering for the September picnic should contact Diane Ecton 


Vase Management


New community space opened on Ferry St. 







Upcoming Meetings


August 3, 2017


September – Picnic


October 5, 2017


November – Thanksgiving volunteer event Ø December 7, 2017 – Holiday Party