Minutes 03-02-2017




Fair Haven Management Meeting

295 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT 06513

March 2, 2017



Call to order: 6:03pm


Present: LeAnne Brewer, Diane Ecton, Dave Steinhardt, Sally Esposito 


Present City, State, and Federal Officials: Robert Roberts, Jose Crespo, Kenneth Reriez, Mark Firla


Welcome and Introductions                                                               5 Minutes


All new attendees introduced themselves


Ernie Santiago asked to be excused from the meeting


Alderman Greenberg is absent Alderman Jose Crespo speaking on his behalf




Review/Approval of Meeting Minutes                                         

Moved and seconded to approve the minutes voted and passed

5 Minutes

  Police Report –  Sergeant Rene’e Dominguez                               

No report for sake of time

10 Minutes

LCI Neighborhood Specialist – Laurie Lopez Johnson                

10 Minutes



The neighborhood did a decent job this year with snow removal


Still working on tire removal 


The crew has dimished in size so projects are taking longer than expected


They will be done just time more time


On the corner of Saltonstall and Ferry habitat from humanity will be building a home


By Grand Ave and East St. – a new company bought a large propery 


Started demolition today 


Will be taking down all of the buildings on that property


Will be working with processed stone and asfault 


At the deadend of River and Poplar


There are 2 very large buildings that were forclosed on 


There are 2 shantys that were built in that area and the buildings were open 


Without Curtis around the people are using that area for negative activities 


The fence in the back parking lot is gone so it needs to be secured


The police will be paying more attention to this area going forward


C-Town/Fairhaven School area


Lot of trash in that area


Supposed to do the light the night in that area but it was never completed 


Also a lot of people participating in negative activites in that area 


The police will include a walking beat in that area going forward 


Old Business                                                                                                    5 Minutes


Bylaws Review 


Last revision was in 2008


Robert Rules of Order was agreed to be used in the bylaws


Need to take a look at the 501c3 status prior to revising the bylaws


Motion made by Sally E. that a bylaws subcommittee consisting of the vice chair and two other members be created.  The bylaws subcommittee shall be chaired by the vice chair and shall be advisory and shall be recommendations to the full


membership no later than the 2017 annual meeting


Discussion – proposed that we open the subcommittee to any voting members who want to participate


The committee would only be making recommendations and would bring it back to the meeting to be voted on by members


Voted on and passed


Moved and seconded to open nominations for the committee – Jose Crespo




Kenneth Rivera


LeAnne Brewer


Moved to admend original motion to consist of 4 people instead of 3


Moved to admend motion to consist of 5 people instead of 4


Voted on and the nominations were accepted



New Business                                                                                                   10 Minutes


Greenspace Program - Chris Ozyck


From the Urban Resource Initiative


Creates green projects


If you have people in the neighborhood that want to work in parks/vacant lots/curb strips/front yard there are applications available to begin this project


If you would like a free tree there are “request a free tree” cards available through the initiative


New Haven Bike Month – Caroline Smith


Month long celebration of biking culture in May


Make sure everyone feels safe and excited to participate in bike culture


Fair Haven pop-up festival


Shut down blachley st last year and did bike safety work with the local students


Some of the students received free bikes


This year the festival is in June


What would we like to see in a may bike month event in fair haven


Take advantage of the space in Chriscola Park


Thinking about wheelie competitions to embrace how members of this community participate in bike culture




Leeway Community Living Model – Melissa Cox


Located off of State Street


Supports individuals with multiple chronic conditions to remain living in their homes in the community Mental and physical conditions


No age requirements


Involves long term wrap around services and support


Referrals come from the hospital


Looking for a local community liason that can communicate what is needed in this community specifically


Only servicing New Haven


Also interestedin the informal community supports


Emergency Shelter Management Services


Jose Crespo read a letter from Alderman Greenberg in regards to the board of zoning and appeals


Opposes the new zoning request made by ESMS


Supports the shelter but does not think the proposed move is appropriate


Does not think they have made the appropriate steps to comply with the regulations


Other opposing opinions include


The shelter doesn’t come to the neighbors to speak with them about the issues they face


Moving the building isolates the shelter clients further from the community


Transient population causes businesses not to want to move into the area


Keeping the shelter residents safe from being near the railroad tracks


The shelter does not forsee this being a safety issue


The shelter is proposing to move into a building that is already standing on East




The housing authority wants to buy their current building to move Farnum


Court Housing Complex into that area


No concret timeline for when the move will happen


LCI is in support of the move and gave a list of locations that they could move into


This building fits all of their needs


On the main bus line


Next to the methadone clinic


Not in any residential areas


Right size and right price


This agency does a lot of work to support the men and help guide them into permanent and stable hosuing


Even if they get housed they can come back for up to 6 months for case management services


Largest men’s shelter in the state


Capacity of 75 with 85 on extremely cold nights


In 26 months about 36 police reports were made


There were more for Columbus House and even more for local grocery stores and Walmart


In the 2015-2016 year they had an unduplicated number of over 1,000 clients


The city planning department indicated that they very rear of the lot has a .02% chance of being effected by a 100 year flood


The city plan didn’t specify if the rear of the building was in that flood area or the rear of the lot


the shelter has commissioned an expert to study the potential flood issues


the location has ample parking and space in the parking lot for the clients to line up instead of being on the street


the building will be fitted with cameras to keep the space and clients secure


Motion is made to write a letter to support Alsermans Greenberg’s request to write a letter not supporing ESMS


voted and the management team is not in support of Aldermans Greenberg’s request


ESMS will be added to the agenda of the April meeting to request support


Moved to write a letter of support for ESMS requesting a variance


Discussion – we should be able to come to a consensus before writing this letter


Suggested to be added to next months agenda so documentation can be presented


Made a point that this could potentially change procedures of the management team


Voted 5 to 5 to write a letter of support and to wait until next month’s meeting


Voted again and passed to not write the letter at this moment and to invite them to next month’s meeting


Might be powerful to attend the BZA meeting on 3/14 to support them individually § 6:30pm 200 Orange st. in the hearing room



Announcements                                                                                   5 Minutes


Big Brother – Guillermo Serrano


Support Big Brother/Big Sister of Southwestern CT by donating at Savers


Will pick up furniture


Looking for all donations


Has raised over $1 million


Project Longevity


Hosting a community talk on 3/16/17 from 4:30 – 6:30pm





Upcoming Meetings


April 6, 2017


May 4, 2017


June 1, 2017


August 3, 2017


September – Picnic


October 5, 2017

November – Thanksgiving volunteer event Ø December 7, 2017 – Holiday Party