Minutes 08-03-2017




Fair Haven Management Meeting


Fair Haven Library Community Room, 182 Grand Ave. New Haven, CT 06513
August 3, 2017, 6:00 p.m.




(5 min.)   Welcome and Introductions


Called to order 6:09pm


New attendees introduced


Present: Co-Chair/Treasurer David Steinhardt, Co-Chair Diane Ecton (Youth Continuum), Vice-Chair Sally Esposito



Present City, State, and Federal Officials: Robert Roberts (Ward 15 Dem. Co-Chair),  Kenneth Reveis (Ward 14 Dem. Co-Chair), Laurie Lopez (NH LCI), Lt. David Zannelli (NHPD FH District Manager)



(5 min.)   Establish Quorum/Calling of Roll of Eligible Voting Members/ Clarify “Voting Member”: “A quorum constitutes two-thirds of the voting members.”  “Each Fair Haven Community Management Team member . . . who has attended 5 of the previous 12 meetings is considered a voting member.”  Also, “For definition purposes, a voting member in good standing is a person who attends and remains throughout the full course of the meeting as documented by the sign-in sheet.”


9 members present-Quorum not met for voting



(5 min.)   Review / Approval Meeting Minutes


  • May: Tabled

  • June:  Tabled



(10 min.)            Police Report – Lt. David Zannelli


Introduction as new Lt. to district


Statistics-Downward trend


Murders 0


Robberies with firarm down 28.6%


Robberies-down 28.7%


Burglaries-down 34%


Motor vehicle theft-down 48.2%


Walking beat will be addedto area starting on Sunday


2 concerning robberies


Officers will introduce themselves to to business and community members as part of community service


Area has lost 3 officers to the narcotic department



(10 min.) LCI Report – Laurie Lopez


Overall things are looking good


Articles are still being left curbside


Fishing Village is being dismantled


Curtis is gone and not longer providing maintenance


90 River St is vacant


People were chased out


There is a proposal to purchase with marine use


Portion of Poplar has been blocked off


Considering to block River Street


198 River still stands (Old Bending Co.)


People have entered building


Board was kicked out and a window was removed


There are no floors in this building and it is very dangerous


Currently trying to figure out how people are entering


LCI has funds for graffiti removal and maintenance of public grounds


City has hired previous contracted company for graffiti removal



Old Business       


(30 min.)        Website Review- www.fairhavencmt.org 


Sign in sheets will be posted on website in JPEG format.  General concerns about posting addresses and phone numbers on website.  Publicizing this information may pose a safety risk.  Suggestion to request permission of those members/attendees who are comfortable with posting the sign-in sheets. 


Purpose of posting sheets is to comply with bylaws by ensuring that the members live in the community or are agencies within the community.  Posting sign-in sheets creates transparency and allows for anyone to refer to ensure persons are allowed to vote. 


Website is designed not to be searchable.  JPEG images cannot be scanned.   


Suggestion to bring all attendance sheets to each meetings instead of posting on website.


Sign-in sheet that was posted will be removed and further discussionwill take place between co-chair and vice-chair


Recommendation from member to add more photos ot site


Site is on secured server and contains secured content.  Permissions are controlled by board


Website is a conduit for the community.


Links to alder will be added


Please bring suggestions for improvement to David Steinhardt.  Site is still being worked on


A webmaster is needed


Purpose of comment section is to making any comment desired


Purpose of calendar is to announce community events


Do not make request for services on website and refer to SeeClickFix




September 7th Picnic Review/Update


400 people showed up last year


Not enough volunteers last year


Contact Diane Ecton if you wish to volunteer


Request has been made to the City of New Haven for items needed.


Lt. Zannelli will announce event to schools


Food items will be purchased at the Restaurant Depot


Community providers are invited to set up tables.  See Diance Ecton


Police Department will bring SWAT for entertainment


Seeking volunteer to instruct Zumba for children


Seeling volunteer to join Lt. Zannelli in announcing event to community


Volunteers are needed to set up and clean-up


Left over food will be taken to local shelter. 


Rockclimbing wall has been secured


Will request that NHFD and NHPD help with wall climbing activity


Announcement Nomaination to executive board vote will take place during October 5th meeting


Election will occur in October


Nominations are open


Michelle nominated for Vice-Chair-Nomination accepted


Sally will not be running for Vice Chair


Bylaws are on website listing proposed changes.





Strong School-Existing proposal to convert building into luxury apartments with rental range of $1600-$1800 per month


The majority felt that the developer is not qualified


Committee will vote late this month


An additional meeting will be held.  Date, time & location TBA


Chatham Square made a presence at last meeting


Economic Development will make final decision.


CMT should come up with idead for use of building


Suggestion to convert into a substation with a community room made.


New Haven Farmstand


Located on Ferry street


Hours 9am-12p


Quinnipiac Park-Lights are not on


Construction is not complete


Ilicit activity has been observed


Attempted break-in at Captian’s House


Lt. Zanelli will follow up


A person was found sleeping in a car


Police presence requested


LCI will follow up with Becky


Coworking space on 531 Ferry Street


Start-up businesses are invited


Cost is $30 per day for businesses


20$ per day for residents







Upcoming Meetings


September – Picnic


October 5, 2017


November – Thanksgiving volunteer event


December 7, 2017 – Holiday Party