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Minutes 10-09-2017


Fair Haven Management Team Meeting

295 Blatchley Ave

October 5th, 2017


Start: 6:14pm



Welcome and Introduction:


Elected Officials present: Jose Crespo (Alder), Robbie Roberts (Ward Co-Chair), Roland Lemar, Kevin Diaz (Police Commissioner), Kenneth Reveis (Alder)





Pg. 3-4 of August Minutes misspelled Mishele’s name


Quorum has not been reached; cannot approve or table Minutes



Police Report - 6:19pm


Introduce Sgt. Kendall, Street Boss


Passed around pictures of habitual offenders


There was gunfire at The Chatham, it was targeted not random — cameras will be installed at the end of next week, there will be extra officers placed in the area (not taking from Fair Haven’s current force) hired by the Housing Authority


Update on the The Blue Light Project: Currently getting prices to be placed at three sites: 1) Chatham Square, Chapel/Ferry, and Blatchley/Grand


Partnered with LCI to go to Grand Cafe — found to be in violation of liquor violations and they made arrests for narcotics.


No murders this year, while there were two in 2016


Most crime is down from last year, except 28% increase in assault from firearm victims


All Police Reports are being emailed as well as put on the Fair Haven Management Team website



LCI - 6:33pm


Visited most bodegas with NHPD— introduced themselves and reminded them of the rules (close by 11pm, etc.)


Every 12 months they complete a vacant building count focusing on getting the vacant houses cleaned and secured


At 90 River Street, they cleaned up the fishing village after the gentleman tending to it left; someone is interested in buying it (marine-based business from out-of-state)





Minutes approved.







Corresponding Secretary


Nomination for Diane Ecton




Motion to vote – 13 votes, 1 abstention



Recording Secretary






Motion to vote — 13 votes, 1 abstention









Motion to vote — 13 votes, 1 abstention





Nomination for Diane Ecton


Nomination for David Steinhardt


Withdrawal from Diane Ecton




Motion to vote — 13 votes, 1 abstention





Nomination for Diane Ecton




Motion to vote — 13 votes, 1 abstention





Nomination for David Steinhardt




Motion to vote — 13 votes, 1 abstention



By-Laws - 7:06pm


Motion to Approve the By-Laws as Amended


One voting member left at 7:12pm and vote was tabled



Emerge Youth Build - 7:14pm


EMERGE YouthBuild is a Department of Labor (DOL) designated program that works with opportunity youth in the city of New Haven to prepare them for success as adults by significantly improving their basic academic skills and preparing them for career path employment or training.





Collab - 7:17pm


Collab is a boost program for New Haven entrepreneurs.


Provides a program for seed funding, coworking space, mentorship, and pro bono services for early-stage entrepreneurs.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Alder Kenneth Reveis - 7:20pm


Puerto Rico Fundraiser — very successful, thank you all involved!


Event Friday October 6th at 5:30-10pm at Community Room at the Greek Olive, $25 contribution


Conversation with the Board of Alders on updating Homelessness Plan


Q House Update


Groundbreaking ceremony 11/4 at 10:45am in Dixwell



Update from David Steinhardt


November “Feeding the Seniors” event


Usually 170 people


Need people to cook the food


In search of restaurant owners to let volunteers cook food // pizza restaurants work best


Trying to have a choir!



Motion to adjourn by Robbie Roberts

Meeting adjourned at 7:28pm