Minutes 11-02-2017

Fair Haven Management Meeting
295 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT 06513
November 2, 2017
Call to order: 6:05pm


Present: LeAnne


Brewer, Sally, Diane,
Present City, State, and Federal Officials: Jose Crespo, Ernie Santiago, Kenneth Reveiz
Welcome and Introductions
 Introduction of new attendee
 Patricia King
 Review/Approval of Meeting Minutes
 Minutes approved with the condition that one addition and one revision is made
 To add to minutes: can someone be an officer and not be a voting member;
Kenneth Reveiz (spelling of name)
 Police Report – Lt. David Zannelli
 Homicide that happened by Richard and Saltonstall
 Victim is not a fair haven community member
 Victim a person known to the fair haven police department
 Formed a block watch
 Added about 30 hours/week of extra officers
 Halloween
 Usually see between 15 to 20 armed robberies
 This year no armed robberies city wide
 Blue light update
 City has done some spot checks on them
 Will be doing a final estimate
 May be able to get more than the 3 that have been planned for
 Weekly updates
 Will start to be posted on the management team’s website instead of being
emailed to everyone
 In the same format including pictures
 This year compared to last year
 3 murders last year one this year
 Slightly up in nonfatal shootings
 Down about 17% in gunfire
 Always room for improvement
 Will be sending out pictures of known burglars soon with the cold weather coming
 Be aware of people in ski masks and walk in groups when out after dark, remain
 These seem to increase when the weather gets colder
 Small increase in theft from autos
 Mostly by Vandome on club nights
 Some markets were fined and shut down temporarily by the city
 To combat the drug use and loitering in key locations
 Gave numerous warnings to the staff and owners of these stores
 Warnings included loose cigarettes, drug users and prostitutes being used as
employees for a day for unfair wages

 LCI Report – Lauri Lopez
 A lot of stores more and more are staying open past 11pm
 Have been served cease and desist orders as this is a nuisance to the
 Only 2 stores were grandfathered in to stay open 24 hours
 Has been trying to find a criminal penalty for defying a cease and desist order
 Found one that allows LCI to go after the store manager and the landlord
 Has be dealing with vendors
 Phone vendors at DSS
 Conducting business on a city sidewalk – illegal
 Will enforce the $199 fine for vending without a permit
 Completed the vacant building count again
 Not doing bad on the number of vacant buildings
 For the most part the vacant buildings are not in horrible conditions
 They are also not lingering as vacant as long as they used to
 If you notice street lights are out call or email Lauri
 report with the pole number or street corner
 question – how long do LED lights last
 they are brighter, last longer and are less costly
 not sure how long they last and they may flicker more or get a little dimmer
 Old Business
 Can someone be an officer and not be a voting member
 Must attend 5 meetings to be a voting member
 Bylaws final review, vote, and acceptance of amendments
 Reminder: it is very important to keep accurate attendance to track who is
eligible to vote
 Be sure to check off if you are a resident or organization representative
 Packets handed out that included the original bylaws and the bylaws with the
proposed revisions
 Motion: accept the recommendation of the bylaws subcommittee to amend the
bylaws to read as follows
 Motion seconded
 Open for discussion
 Friendly amendment: article 4 second B to read the end time of the
meeting as 7pm and if we would like to extend the meeting it can be
voted upon
 Some issues do have to go longer since we only meet once a month
 Putting an hour limit on it will limit what could get done if the
voting members leave before decisions are made
 Sometimes the meeting ends early which causes it to end late

 In the past the meeting was only an hour
 The executive board should manage the agenda to limit the amount of
people making presentations
 This is a community meeting and the police and LCI report should be
 Vote: 7 in favor 6 opposed 1 abstention
 Motion carried and language will be added to the bylaws
 Friendly amendment to change the title of co-chairs to chairs
 Seconded
 Vote: unanimous for with 1 abstention
 Friendly amendment to change required number of meetings required to
become a voting member (article 2 section B) from 5 to 8
 May work against getting the community involved and committed
 Friendly amendment to change required number of meetings required to
become a voting member (article 2 section B) from 5 to 7
 Seconded
 Vote: 3 in favor 9 opposed 1 abstention
 Question – the voting age limit is 16
 Can this 16 year old become an officer?
 Yes they would be able to if they became a voting member
 But it would be up to the team they
 Friendly amendment to state voting members cannot become officers
until age 18
 Vote: 11 for 2 opposed 1 abstention
 Question Article 3 second D
 Has a 1 needs to be removed
 Article 5 section A
 Has a 2 needs to be removed
 Question Article 5 section A
 Officer can be dismissed after missing 3 consecutive meetings
 This could cause us to lose an officer unfairly due to sickness
 Friendly amendment to state in Article 5 section A officer being
considered for dismissal for reason of missing 3 consecutive meetings has
the right to contest the decision before voting on the grounds that he has
a justifiable reason
 Vote: unanimous for with 1 abstention
 Friendly amendment Article 3 section G – no officer of the new haven
police officers or LCI should be eligible to become an officer
 Deleting alder, paid elected official or persons employed by the city
new haven
 Vote: 6 for 4 opposed 1 abstention

 Motion to accept the bylaws as amendment
 Vote: unanimous for with 1 abstention
 New Business
 Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen – CDBG Request by Steven Werlin Executive
 Thanksgiving program coming
 Delivers 1200 meals across the city starting at 9am
 Needs volunteers and donors
 Collecting donations through 11/20
 Serves people who are living in poverty and homelessness
 Promotes health, community and equity
 Applying for CDBG funds to fund their program $30,000 for the evening meals
program and asking for our support – will be providing a summary
 Last year they received $10,000 for their summer kids program
 Beulah Land Development Corporation – Presentation of 388 Blatchley Ave by
Darrell Brooks and Latania Guiont-Murphy
 Did not attend
 New Horizon – Housing in Fair Haven by Michelle Rodriguez
 Asking for continued support for CDBG funds
 Working to rehab 26 units
 Will submit summary to Chair Ecton
 Food basket for Thanksgiving
 Asking for donations for food for the entire day breakfast, lunch, and dinner
 Donations can be dropped off at the substation
 Announcements
 City of New Haven Economic Development
 Demolish #6 1600 sq foot portion of the old Bigelow building 190 river Street
 This will help prevent additional damage to the bordering buildings
 Letter read by Chair Ecton
 New Haven Free Public Library
 Flyer read by Chair Ecton
 185 Chapel Street
 Has a diaper pantry and food pantry
 Will provide food in addition to a thanksgiving basket this month
 Last Tuesday and Thursday of the month pantry will be open
 Must have a state issued or elm city ID or utility showing local zip codes
 Atwater Senior Center Thanksgiving dinner 11/20/17
 Date will be posted on the website
 11/4/18 9:30am
 March for jobs at Yale

 Adjournment
 7:53pm
 Upcoming Meeting
 December 7, 2016