Minutes 12 7 17 01-30-2018


Fair Haven Management Meeting


295 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT 06513
December 7, 2017

Call to order: 6:05pm

Welcome and Introductions

Introduction of new attendee   

Review/Approval of Meeting Minutes                 

Minutes approved with 1 abstention      

Police Report – Lt. David Zannelli

Caught a few habitual robbers

8 officers now have body cameras

Participating in the “Live Kind” program

Encourages conversations between police and kids in the community

Moving forward with blue lights

Will be getting 5 with cameras and they should start installing them in the next 4 weeks

Reminder to everyone to be aware of package thefts as online deliveries come

Also be aware of who you inform about going away for the holiday – could lead to break ins

There is a free program through Yale named PRIDE

It is a free fast and easy way to help those who have fallen or needed assistance to get up safely and remain safe in their own homes

LCI Report – Lauri Lopez

90 River Street was finally bought by Patriot Marine

Currently looking for tenants

Leasing most of the building long term

Getting 4 light the nights to light that areas and keep it secure

Getting 2 more light the nights at the community garden on Ferry and Peck

Completed a compliance check at Lou’s Lodge

They have an arcade game and need a permit from the city for it other than that the check was mellow probably due to the cold weather

Old Business

Layouts are complete for the Criscuolo Park playground

$225,000 grant has been secured for improvements

Currently need 2 more approvals then everything should be installed by April

The management team will write a letter of support for the playground improvements

New Business

All CDBG requestors can send their requests to the management team to be added to the website

Catholic Family Services – Johnathan Flores

Asking for a letter of support

Money will be used for a new Youth facilitator position in the agency

Last year they served 120 kids

Voted and approved to write a letter of support

Farnum House

Requesting support for grant funds that will support several programs that are focused on adolescent development, expanding Camp Farnum, refurbishing the lake

Voted and approved to write a letter of support

Mary Wade

Requesting 2 letters of support - $20,000 for medical transportation and $5,000 for the annual parade

Voted and approved to write a letter of support

New Haven Parklet Design Competition

Reminder about the parking bans for snow routes – sign up for New Haven snow alers

The Parklet Design competition will be turning 2 parking spaces into public spaces

The design will include seating, shade canopies, bike parking, a small garden and information about the trees included in the design

Looking for volunteer builders/donors of local or reclaimed supplies

Should be completed by the springs

This will hopefully bring more foot traffic into Fair Haven

Will be a movable structure and will be taken down in the winter

Cannot be taken apart by the public or slept on

Asking for a letter of support for the grants - $5,000 Mayors fund, $3,000 Greater New Haven Green Fund, and $4,000 Design competition

Suggestions from the group: increase the insurance on it, who will be in charge of upkeep in terms of graffiti or other vandalism, have the vendors in the area also show their support

Voted and approved to write a letter of support

New Haven Works – Fatima Rojas

2 pipeline projects to have Yale hire 1,000 New Haven residents

New orientation process

Can register online and upload resume,

Requirements – 18 years old, live in New Haven, and have a high school diploma





Upcoming Meeting

February 1, 2018