Minutes 3 1 2018 03-02-2018

Fair Haven Management Meeting

295 Blatchley Ave. New Haven, CT 06513

March 1, 2018

Call to order: 6:00pm


Present City, State, and Federal Officials: Robert Roberts, Kenneth Reveiz, Ernie Santiago

Welcome and Introductions

Review/Approval of Meeting Minutes


Police Report – Lt. David Zannelli

Found a suspect who burglarized a home

Made a firearm arrest on Ferry St. and River

Suspect is from Waterbury

309 Grand was hit by the narco unity

Foot patrol on Grand Ave. will begin during the summer

Went to Junta to meet the kids

Are doing lockdown drills at the schools due to the Parkland shooting

Meeting at 10am this Saturday 3/3/18 at the fair haven library to discuss quality of life problems

Plan to do a program called coffee with a cop to foster a relationship with residents

3/24 Hartford and Guilford will be organizing marches for the school shootings

St. Patrick’s Day parade will be 3/11

Death at exchange street

Waiting on the toxicology report currently doesn’t seem like foul play


LCI Report – Lauri Lopez

Sick. No report

Sweeping program starts next week

Keep an eye out for signs to avoid being towed

This week there will be pot hole repair

If you see any major potholes report them on see click say

Has been some illegal dumping of tires all over the place

If you know anything about who may be doing this please report it

Tree trimming season is coming

If you have a tree close to your house, street lights or powerline contact your Alder to be added to the list to be trimmed


Old Business

Vote on Clifford Beers Clinic, New Reach Inc., and FISH letters of support for CDBG grants

FISH voted and approved

Clifford Beers voted and approved

New Reach Inc. voted and approved

Vote on sponsorship for Arts & Ideas Fair Haven Festival


New Business

Alder Reviez and Santiago

Resolution to support the clean dream act was passed unanimously

With DACA revoked by the president this act

Resolution to urge action at the federal level both immediate and long-term infrastructure investment

Strong School – city has officially rejected the Lazarus proposal

Now moving to the find a strong community focused project for the site

Mayor’s State of the City included improving Fair Haven

Will be setting up a meeting with the Mayor to discuss what resources we will be getting and how to invest dollars into the neighborhood

Criscuolo Park

Softball League will be starting

If you would like to create a team contact Alder Santiago

Starting Saturday’s the day before mother’s day until the last Saturday in October

Will be adding a splash pad at the park

The bleachers will hopefully be done before the league starts with the previous $10,000 that the management team received from the city

Coffee with a Cop

Voted to provide $500 maximum for the program


CDBG Support Request

Student Parenting & Family Service Inc. Celotto Child Care Center – Executive Director Robin Moore-Evans Wilbur Cross High School

Serves pregnant and parenting teens in New Haven

Male and female

Free tuition

Partner with United Way of GNH

Able to serve 32 children up to age 3

Requesting support for CDBG grant $11,468 to pay for staff salaries as well as incentive for the teen parents. The parents get gift cards as incentives for attending

Only childcare center in a high school in the city

Voted and approved to write a letter of support

Sickle Cell Disease Association of Southern CT – Executive Director Delores Edwards

Not present

Arts & Ideas Fair Haven Festival – Dave, Juancarlos, Thema, Sara

Will be moving the festival to Criscuolo park

5/26/18 from 12-4pm

Community festival with stages that will include arts, performances, plays, etc.

Applications are available for people interested in performing encouraging local artist to apply

Multiple food trucks

Partnering with Bike week and will be providing free bikes to the children

Cleaning the popup bike lane

Offering bike tours of the neighborhood

Next planning meeting 3/15/18 5:30pm at Music Haven at Erector Square

Requesting sponsorship funds from the Fair Haven Management team

Motion to sponsor the festival $500 voted and passed

Vertical Church – Outreach Coordinator Paul Bronson

Partnering with the city of new haven to start a food pantry at the fair haven substation

Will be attending the management meetings going forward and will be looking for

Outreach program has done a lot for Life Haven and plan to do more for fair haven

Looking to launch this the 3rd week of May

Will be open the 3rd Saturday of each month from 10-12pm and are open and flexible to change as the need changes

This will be a long-term program for the community

Organizing with the food bank and the city of new haven and they will be working around the schedule of the other food pantries in the area

Suggestions from the community: provide healthy foods (organic etc.), leave prepared bags of food for the officers to bring to families in need if the food bank is closed, should connect with the new haven food policy council, find ways to get food to the elderly not able to get to the pantry, bring in a nutritionist, get involved with the Atwater senior center



Citywide Festival Planning Meeting 3/5/18 5:30p – 7:30p New Haven Public Library Program Room

Management teams are starting another city-wide management team

Working to get all of the communities to work together to learn from each other

First meeting is 3/5/18 5:30pm for the chairs to attend and bring the information back

Dollar store to open on the corner on Ferry and Grafton

Will be added to the agenda for April to request a letter of support to present to the zoning board

Saturday March 31, 2018 1pm annual Easter Spring Festival at Chatham square park

Chathamsquare.ning.com for more information

Fair Haven School 6th grade students won a $600 grant to better Chatham square park

If you have ideas see Dave Weinreb

Allen Appez reading from newest book on 3/3/18 at 6pm at the Mitchell library


Adjournment: 7:14pm

Upcoming Meeting: April 5, 2018